Dental Guarantee of Panama Dent Lab
The dental treatment recommended by Panama Dent Lab's dentists for your oral health is dependent on each individual's specific requirements and conditions. Each treatment is carefully customized after a thorough comparative diagnosis and consultation. It is necessary to continue home care of your teeth and gums everyday as well as keeping the prescribed regular recall appointments (minimum 6 moths) for routine professional examination and dental cleaning at Panama Dent Lab or your local dental offices.

By ensuring that an effective, safe and reliable choice of treatment is provided, Panama Dent Lab also provides a Local
Guarantee on our dental work with terms and conditions below:
Crowns / Bridges
Porcelain veneers

Replace or repair the same material type of crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers at no cost during 2 years from the permanent cemented date


Dental implants

Replace or repair the same material type of any implant prosthetics at no cost during 2 years from the placement date.

Ceramic inlays / onlays

Replace or repair the same material type of inlays / onlays at no cost during 1 year from the permanent cemented date.

Composite fillings.
(Tooth colored

If the composite restoration on front tooth or abrasion fails, we wil replace or repair the same material type at no cost during 6 months from the placement date.

If the composite restoration on back tooth fails, we will replace or repair
the same material type at no cost during 1 year from the placement date.


Dentures and partial dentures

Repair denture and partials at no cost during 2 years if a tooth chips, breaks or flange breaks under normal use.

All dental works under Guarantee will be adjusted, repaired, replaced by our dentists at Panama Dent Lab in Bangkok, Thailand only.
Our Guarantee is ineffective or not covered for these following conditions:
  • If our instructions are not followed properly.
  • If oral hygiene is ignored.
  • If you fail to present for an annual control examination.
  • Temporary restorations
  • If you have gum or periodontal disease for which we have not provided the gum treatment.
  • If an illness is present, which has an unfavorable effects on the mouth (e.g. diabetes, bruxism, epilepsy, osteoporosis, after-condition excessive X-rays or chemotherapy).
  • Injury caused by accidents, sports or any third party
  • If denture is not used properly.
  • Unforeseen root canal treatment.
  • Naturally declining gum tissue or tooth bone.
  • Refund is not part of what we Guarantee. To invoke the Guarantee you must contact our clinics immediately and before taking any other action. Our Guarantee covers only doctor fees and material costs. We do not reimburse overseas dental expenses made by other dentists back home post treatment nor do we reimburse travel and accommodation expenses traveling back for our Guarantee claims.
  • Panama Dent Lab do not take responsibility for prior or continual dental works done by your dentists back home. Our local Guarantee also does not cover damage of dental works caused by or related to other dentists work done post treatment. The Guarantee will be voided if the dental works are adjusted or modified by other dentists post treatment.







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