About, DuraFlex
Flexible Partials

DuraFlex™ from Myerson has 5 pink shades and one transparent for best gum color matching, various patients from various backgrounds will always have various density of pigmentations in their gum soft tissues, we mask the variations using our exact tone.

DuraFlex™ from Myerson .... is a breakthrough thermoplastic that resolves the limitations found in older flexible materials like nylon, while still offering all the advantages of a flexible partial over a chrome RPD.

DuraFlex™ from Myerson is melted and injected under pressure using Myerson’s FlexPress automated dig
ital injection system.

The result is .....


 Lightweight Alternative to metal frameworks, unilaterals, nesbits

•  Esthetic: Translucent, DuraFlex “disappears” in the mouth

•  Comfortable: Thin, lightweight and flexible for easy insertion

•  Durable: Clinically unbreakable

•  Hygienic: Non Porous, Bacteria, Stain and odor resistant

•  Easily adjusted with a carbide bur 

•  No Metal hot / cold effect

•  DuraFlex Unilateral

•  Premium Teeth Upgrade available as, Heraeus Kulzer

also offers highly desirable esthetics, with a veined appearance in.... ( 6 )gingival colors and one transparent color.

The material is translucent, allowing the natural coloring of the underlying tissue to show through, giving it a virtually invisible appearance.

is available on a prescription basis only through our authorized Panama Dent laboratory.....

Panama Dent can guarantee that its authorized laboratories have received extensive training in flexible partial denture design and processing, are equipped with Myerson’s FlexPress injection system, and use authentic DuraFlex material to fabricate flexible partials.

Authorized DuraFlex
laboratories, as Panama Dent, are able to rebase, repair, and even add teeth to Duraflex flexible partials.

Flexible partial dentures offer the dental profession a more comfortable and esthetic alternative to conventional metal-based partials; they also serve a useful role in implant treatment planning.

Expected shifts in demographics should only serve to increase the number of patients who could benefit from this treatment option.

Flexible partial dentures are contraindicated if:

 - vertical clearance is limited to 3 mm

 - when abutment teeth have minimal undercuts.

 - The most common complaints about flexible partials have been that they are difficult to adjust, they may stain or develop odors over time, and teeth cannot be added after the initial denture is fabricated, and that is resolved using our duraflex.