Bite Splint with Metal  Mesh

Why you will need one???

Custom Made Appliances are made while you are waiting in our authorized dental clinics, and they are useful for man reasons.

Night Guard, TMD Rx, Sport Guards, Bruxism Dysfunction, Para functional Habits, Stress relieve, Full mouth restorations protector, ..


Clear Relief occlusal splints uses a unique type of thermoplastic material that allows it to offer numerous advantageous over traditional acrylic:


1. MMA-free to avoid problems of allergic reactions
2. Repair and Reline possible
3. Higher impact strength compared to traditional acrylic Able to accommodate different designs

Unique composition allows the patient to improve comfort and fit by immersing Clear Relief in hot water..


Bite Splint\Night Guards \


Many doctors are prescribing a soft/hard night guard to be worn by patients to protect their new crown and bridge restorations. We highly recommend a “C&B Night Guard” for any case consisting of crowns opposing crowns, or multi-unit restorations. The thin acrylic barrier will help protect the opposing porcelain crowns.
Include the C&B Night Guard with your next multi-unit crown and bridge case by adding it to your prescription.

Sport Guard

Our Denture Making Process

We consider both function an esthetics as 2 main elements in producing appealing removable, consider a visit to any of our authorized clinics in Panama city, to guarantee best attention and satisfaction.


REMOVABLE  PROSTHESIS, and Picking up the right tone, is a must for a great Partial.

Duracetal, guarantee to a better switch from metal partials
Case Analysis, Design, Hi patient satisfaction guaranteed