Duplicating, Repair, Cleaning, Relining, and Rebasing

Our service will be provided while you are waiting .

We know the importance of resolving emergency in a short time for those who come for a short visit, we also like for you to consider making a duplicate prosthesis for a back up purpose, at our every day low cost.

All Relines are jig mounted to make sure that they keep the exact VDO.  Due to the amount of time involved in the exact processes used, we ask that you scheduale your relines in advanced.  For quality assurances we schedual only 4 relines per day.  

All dentures both full and partial should be relined every 2-3 years.  Put your patients on a reline recall.   

In addition to same day relines, Panama Dent Lab, also provides same day repairs.  No repair is to big or small for us to handle.  We can make your patient's denture like new again!!


Duplicate dentures

Duplicate dentures are exact copies of your current denture giving you a backup set should something happens to your existing ones or you have an emergency and they get broken

Dentures can become discoloured through any number of things including smoking. We can duplicate your existing denture and slightly change the shade of the teeth a touch darker or lighter and give you duplicate false teeth that match your original dentures.

Denture wearers now have peace of mind if they have secured their set of duplicate dentures for that piece if added security, ideal if there are any formal events you may have to attend. Imagine you’re on holiday, abroad and something happens and you end up breaking or losing a denture and you don’t have copy dentures. You can now get a spare set to give you that security and peace of mind.

Denture plastics tend to become brittle and suspect to fractures and breaks, especially after using them for many years. Our copy dentures will be just as strong if not stronger than your original dentures.

Duplicating Process

Made easy and very predictable

How can we fix your dentures? 

First we can repair fractured dentures
Also, replace missing or broken teeth on a existing units

NOW....Please do not use superglue on a broken denture as this can disintegrate the acrylic making it impossible to have a denture repair with any accuracy, which is essential for your comfort. Denture repairs should only be carried out by a qualified dental professional.
How can I ensure my dentures do not break?

Well, there are a number of precautions you can take:

- Take extra care when handling your dentures.
- Stand over a sink of water during removal or insertion as if the slip from your hand the landing is cushioned by the water.
- Purchase a special box for your dentures. This keeps ensures dentures are safe and hygienic.

If you find that your denture is broken for whatever reason, you should contact us as soon as possible and we can repair it with in <<<< 30 minutes >>>> or on the same day.

The Panama Dent Denture Studio can quickly repair dentures so that you can get on with your life. Don’t let damaged dentures remove your smile!

Repairing Flexible Prosthesis








Cleaning and Polishing

Well, only costs few dollars, and to be done wile you are waiting.

Cleaning Old Prosthesis is not a Luxury, it is very important for your over all health and oral Hygiene.

Just like your teeth need professional cleaning ..  your removable needs it as well..Lab Professional cleaning is available.



  Step by Step Relining and making it comfortable in our Lab


Lab relining aims at making your most sensitive easily irritated, spot easily tolerant,  with more Cushing soft acrylics.