Full cast gold crowns are consistently prescribed by doctors because they are similar in cost to porcelain crowns and often kinder to the opposing dentition


Porcelain fused to Metal PFM  

Crown & Bridge

PFM's remain one of the most popular restoration available today.   With limitless design options, metals and customized shading/coloring.   We use state-of-the-art technology to process your PFMs for:

* Consistent precision fit

* Contacts and Occlusion

* Porcelain margin or metal designs

    Types of PFMs 

*  Base Non- Precious Cr/Co - Nickle free

*  Noble White Semi-Precious  

*  High Noble White

*  High Noble Yellow  

*  Titanium CAD

* Captek


Many doctors are prescribing a soft/hard night guard to be worn by patients to protect their new crown and bridge restorations. We highly recommend a “C&B Night Guard” for any case consisting of crowns opposing crowns, or multi-unit restorations. The thin acrylic barrier will help protect the opposing porcelain crowns.
Include the C&B Night Guard with your next multi-unit crown and bridge case by adding it to your prescription.






fixed and removable combinations