The Hawley retainer is one of the most versatile orthodontic appliances today. Its traditional role has always been to retain the arch after orthodontic treatment; however, in recent years it has become so much more.

Today, the Hawley retainer can be easily adapted with the addition of simple features such as bite planes, anterior springs, QCM bows, habit options* and occlusal coverage.

Panama Dental lab, can fabricate your Hawleys quickly. Most basic Hawley designs can be made in 3 days (in lab). Doctors simply need to write "3-Day Hawley" on their signed prescription to qualify.
All Hawleys from Panama Dental lab, are proudly made in the Panama and only with F.D.A.



Space maintainers are used to hold the space left by a lost tooth until the permanent tooth emerges. Space maintainers are available in a variety of designs, but are most often a simple band and loop


The Wilson Nance appliance is used as an anchorage appliance to hold molars in place while the patient continues with traditional bands and brackets. Many doctors like the Wilson version because the appliance can be removed to make adjustments while leaving the bands in place



Duracetal, guarantee to a better switch from metal partials
Case Analysis, Design, Hi patient satisfaction guaranteed