A Hawley with a tooth, a dental flipper or simply a "flipper" as it is commonly called in the dental industry is a low cost option for patients who have lost an anterior tooth. Most dental flippers are created by attaching an anterior tooth to a removable partial denture.

Panama Dental Lab, has fabricated a variety of flipper styles based on the desire of the dentist. We have made partial denture flippers that are reinforced in the palate for added strength. We have created flippers using hawley retainer clasping. And we have created flippers attached to a standard hawley retainer for younger patients going through orthodontic treatment.

It could be made out of ( Acrylic, Dura acetal or Flexible material )




The Acetal-resin partial denture shown above is a great example of our metal

free partial with tooth-colored clasps. This example also shows acrylic saddles and premium denture teeth. Patients and doctors will enjoy the fit and look of this unique material





Flexible Designs Made More Comfortable.


Hi Tech Lab Equipments are our main tool for better Prosthesis..


Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning is our final insurance for good looking Prosthesis


Duracetal, guarantee to a better switch from metal partials
Case Analysis, Design, Hi patient satisfaction guaranteed
We Analyze & Survey ( Mechanical and Visual )

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