DuraCetal is becoming a very...

Popular replacement for metal appliences.

Rigid yet forgiving like natural dentition, making it ideal for partials, unilaterals, nesbits and flippers. DuraCetal is non abrasive to natural dentition and flexes when being placed in the mouth with a "Snap Fit" where the clasps flex and return to their original shape.

Tooth colored clasps can be made to fit into deeper undercuts for better retention and enhanced comfort. Clasps will not loose their shape or retention over time thus saving chair time adjustig and adding years of use.

* Lightweight alternative to metal frameworks, unilaterals, nesbits

* Bio-compatible - FDA approved, monomer free - no allergic problems,

* Holistic preferences or patients with Metal allergies - perfect solution

* Non-porous: Bactera, Stain and Odor resistant

* Tooth color Clasps maintain retention for years

* Easily adjusted with a carbide bur

* Material flexes and clasps fit into deep undercuts

* No metal hot / cold effects

* Non abrasive to natural teeth.

* Traditional frame designs

* Duracetal Frame



Also...with implant single healing abutment, we came to find it best material in use based on USA dental related research Dept.
Duracetal Unilateral Space Maintainer over a healing implant. All tooth supported. Tissue side is DuraCetal that is non porous and allows the tissue to heal naturally with no irritation or pressure yet allowing the patient esthetic and function.

FalakyDent.com is an Authorized Duracetal Laboratory that have received extensive hands on training in Flexible Partial Denture design, processing and are equipped with the FlexPress injection system.

The Acetal-resin partial denture shown above is a great example of our metal

free partial with tooth-colored clasps. This example also shows acrylic saddles and premium denture teeth. Patients and doctors will enjoy the fit and look of this unique material


REMOVABLE  PROSTHESIS  By Duracetal, and Visiclear

Are Being... analyzed and surveyed thoroughly before finishing.

Duracetal, guarantee to a better switch from metal partials
Case Analysis, Design, Hi patient satisfaction guaranteed