EMA (Elastic Mandibular Appliance)

Two major design innovations of the EMA include the regulation of the amount of advancement and freedom of mandibular motion. The flexibility of the elastic bands allow for individualization of treatment, and the ability for quick and easy adjustments to provide optimum results. Bands of varying elasticity move the mandible forward into the desired position while allowing the jaw to move in all directions. This positioning of the mandible causes a forward movement of the tongue, reopening the air flow through the oral pharynx.

EMA First Step
Johns Dental Laboratories


The EMA® First Step is a 90 day trial appliance created for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Doctors can make this custom fit oral appliance in their office in just 15 minutes or have Panama Dent. make it for you. Johns Dental is an authorized EMA lab.

The EMA First Step is the perfect way to determine if your patient is a good candidate for a sleep appliance. Panama Dent. can fabricate a more permanent EMA sleep appliance for long term use.


Your EMA appliance (Elastic Mandibular Appliance) can be adjusted by using a series of colored EMA straps in varying lengths. There are 36 straps to choose from and most patients gradually move from a strap that is soft to one that is more firm. In each case you will find a range of white, yellow and blue straps. The clear straps are extra firm and are not often requested.






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